Commercial Excavating & Land Clearing Services In Northern VA

JK Enterprise provides commercial excavating and truck services to clients all across northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. For any type of land clearing or site work, we can help with various excavators or trucks.

Commercial Excavation Services

Commercial excavation projects come in all shapes and sizes, and the site work needs can be just as varied. JK Enterprise has the people, experience and machinery to get the job done.

With over 20 years of commercial excavating experience, our operators know how to work with you to determine the scope of the job and get it done without costly mistakes or delays.

Beyond Commercial Excavating

Not only can we help you with commercial excavation projects, but we can also help in other areas of site development too.

Here is just a short list of some of our heavy equipment:

  • Diamond Z Tub GrinderCommercial Excavators and Truck Services
  • Precision Whole Tree Chipper
  • Hogzilla Tub Grinder
  • Extec Trommel Screener
  • Retech Trommel Screener
  • Freightliner Mulch Blower Trucks
  • Hitachi Excavators w/Thumbs
  • Precision Tub Grinder
  • 5-Yard Kawasaki Wheel Loaders
  • 963 Caterpillar Loaders
  • Tandem and Tri-Axle Dump Trucks
  • Tractors and Low-Boy Trailer
  • Roll-Off Truck and Containers
  • Tractors and Walking Floor Trailers

As you can see from this list, if you need help with a commercial excavating job, JK Enterprise if the company to call.

Commercial Land Clearing and Grubbing

Land clearing and grubbing is when we completely remove all of the trees, vegetation and brush from a site. This is one of the first phases of development and requires knowhow, experience, and the right equipment to get the job done. Depending on the size and scope of the job at hand, various heavy machinery may be used and different techniques employed.

Land Clearing and Grubbing

In a land clearing and grubbing job, trees may be pushed over and removed with roots left on, or trees may be cut down, and then the stumps ground. This depends on the site requirements and either can be accommodated. In both cases, the resulting materials can be repurposed. JK Enterprise makes the most of these resources and will grind and prepare the materials in to forestry products that can be re-used.

Professional Services for Land Clearing

There are some occasions where a site can be cleared without professional help, but for almost all commercial jobs, machinery and the right people behind the process are needed.

People play a big role in the effectiveness of a land clearing operation as the experience on site can make for a much faster and efficient process. Moreover, understanding the local laws and regulations can be a huge benefit and save time and money as the site progresses.

Site Development Planning

When JK Enterprise comes onto a land clearing and grubbing job, care is taken to properly evaluate the area and work with the site management to plan for the proper work. Our state of the art machinery is brought in and the work completed, leaving the site ready for the next phase of development. Depending on the time frames involved, there may be instances where land covering is needed after the clearing operation is complete, as the raw soil left after clearing is vulnerable to rain, weather and erosion.

JK Enterprise has the experience, people, and equipment needed to make your land clearing and grubbing job easy. Call us today and talk to one of our commercial site experts about your project. We’ll be glad to help.

The company was formally established in 1996 by Jacob A. Klitenic III (Jake). As a young entrepreneur in the early nineties, Jake managed to earn extra money through landscaping, as he worked his way through college. Upon graduating college with a Business Administration degree, Jake’s entire focus was dedicated to growing his business. Nineteen years later, JK Enterprise Landscape Supply is a leading forest product supplier of mulch, woodchips, top soil, compost, and soil conditioners.

Today, JK operates two facilities, in Centreville and Culpeper, Virginia. The centrally located Culpeper site comprises fifty six acres and includes a warehousing facility, as well as a building dedicated to bagging bulk forest products. Grinding and screening of organic materials are done at both locations. JK also operates contractor yards in Chantilly, Alexandria, and Warrenton. In addition, JK owns a fleet of Express Blower trucks used to deliver and install mulch, compost, top soil, playground safety surfaces, and other growing media directly to the customers’ sites.

Our products are composed of local materials. Our soils and mulches are native to Northern Virginia. These are products that thrive in our region. We work closely with developers, contractors, and home owners to close the loop and re-use, rather than burn or bury landscape materials. Because of our ability to make and deliver our own products, we can be very competitive in our pricing. The majority of the time we are the least expensive. We save you money and help do our part in saving the environment by recycling and reusing.

JK Enterprise Landscape Supply offers a broad range of residential and commercial landscape products and services at discount wholesale prices. Contact us today!

Our Mission:

JK Enterprise Landscape Supply employees shall serve and accommodate our valued clients in the most efficient, courteous, and professional manner possible, building long term relationships and exceeding expectations for quality, service and reliability.

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