The COVID-19 pandemic has made normal activities a little more challenging. As if moving to a new home wasn’t difficult enough, you now have to worry about how to protect yourself and your family from the novel coronavirus. Fortunately, staying protected and reducing your risk while moving isn’t as challenging as it seems. Here are five tips you can use when the time comes to move during the pandemic.

Choose movers who know what they’re doing

Pre-pandemic, you may have been able to contact a few friends and family members to help you move most of your furniture and belongings with the promise of pizza. But during the pandemic, it’s crucial to practice social distancing and limit the number of people we interact with even when wearing a mask. Interacting with too many people not only puts you and your family at risk but it also puts others who may be vulnerable to the virus at risk, too. To help you get your moving done fast while keeping everyone safe, it’s a good idea to hire moving professionals who know what they’re doing.

Do some research into what practices your local moving professionals are taking part in to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. They ought to be wearing masks correctly, disinfecting surfaces as they come into contact with them, and practicing other CDC guidelines. These practices are especially important because moving professionals are moving in and out of your home, which isn’t open to the air. That said, opt for moving assistance that has the skill and experience to keep your family safe, not just your belongings.

Keep your windows open while you move

Wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic is crucial, but a mask can only do so much to keep the particles from your mouth and nose confined. To prevent these particles from building up in a confined space where it can increase the risk of infection, consider keeping your windows open in your house or apartment while you move. The introduction of new, fresh air into the room will help to mitigate the stale air inside. Of course, this may be more feasible during warmer days. About 50% of moves, especially in the Washington DC Metro Area, take place during the summer.

Give yourself extra time

Everything is harder in the pandemic. Packing and moving last minute just isn’t feasible. You want to be sure to give yourself the extra time you need to regularly wash your hands, disinfect concrete surfaces, eat, rest, hydrate, and more. You definitely want to give yourself more time if you’re moving with kids or pets. The moving process will be more physically and emotionally draining than you might expect. If you can, consider taking time off work to pack and wrap your belongings as securely and safely as possible.

Look into donation procedures

Pre-pandemic, you might have been able to sort through your belongings and ship off a box to your local donation center, feeling confident that you managed to do a little downsizing during your packing process. However, donating items isn’t as easy as it was before. Local donation centers have new procedures in place to help keep those who are using the items and opening the boxes you donate safe and secure against the COVID-19 virus.

Make sure to check the website of your local donation center to determine which items you can donate and where to drop them off. Some donation centers may no longer be taking clothing while others may have different drop-off points to reduce contact. Donation centers typically have rules and regulations that reflect local and state guidelines, so be sure to check out your local guidelines as well.

Get more packing materials than you think you’ll need

Packing during a pandemic comes with its fair share of challenges. Items you may not have considered necessary pack may now need their own box to help keep them from being handled directly. What’s more, last-minute trips to the hardware store to get more boxes and packing materials is an entire process you may not have the time to deal with. To help avoid these issues while you’re moving, make sure that you have more than enough packing materials on hand. This includes items like boxes, bubble-wrap, packing peanuts, and the like.

Looking for moving professionals to help you during your move? We’ve got you covered. Craig Van Lines has professional and experienced movers who take COVID-19 seriously to help make your move as smooth and safe as possible. For more information about our moving guidelines or to get a quote, contact Craig Van Lines today.

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