4 Tips for Guaranteeing a Stress-Free Move

Every year, roughly 43 million Americans move somewhere new.

Relocating to a new location, no matter the reason, can simultaneously be the most exciting and most stressful time of a person’s life. In the United States, 43 million people move every year. Approximately 18% of these moves are due to military relocation, 40% are because of work, and 42% are due to personal choices. Whatever the case may be for you, it’s important to be prepared to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Because relocating is such a major life decision, it’s important that you spend some time considering every single aspect of your new home and how your life is going to change.

Hopefully, these few tips will help make the move much less stressful once you finally take this exciting leap into a new chapter in your life.

Keep all your essential items in a safe place
When packing and working with a team of relocation professionals, your old home can get pretty messy. Amidst this chaos it’s very easy for important items like financial documents to be lost or placed in the wrong box. To avoid this, before you start packing, consider gathering all your essential items and keep them in a safe place or in your own vehicle.

Don’t stress too much about the big moving day that is rapidly approaching. As long as you’re careful during your planning process, are working with professional movers, and are still excited about what’s next in your life, you’re going to be fine. If you’re in need of professional help, contact Craig Van Lines today.

Make a to-do list
Prior to moving day, it’s important that you spend your time in a productive way. There are going to be so many things to get done before you leave for your new life, and it can get quite complicated if you don’t have a way of organizing all those tasks. Simply keep a to-do list handy and regularly refer back to it during the weeks before the big move. Whether you are moving a piano or moving flowers locally. Don’t forget to take care of any landscaping and hardscaping needs.

Contact a residential moving service
To really alleviate the stress of relocating to a brand new place, work with a team of professionals. Whether you have a piano or hot tub, these experienced workers know just how to pack all your stuff and transfer everything in the most efficient way possible. While you’re worried about what living in your new place will be like, your relocation team will be working hard to get you there with all your stuff, hassle-free.

Load things in your vehicle correctly
Use proper loading techniques if it turns out that you’re the family member that owns The Truck. Don’t leave room for things to move around and be sure to tie things down that are especially important to tie down like couches and dressers that could otherwise go flying off onto the interstate. As you stack things into your vehicle, place the heavier items on the bottom and the lighter things on top to keep everything balanced and to prevent any delicate objects from being crushed.

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