How to Avoid Repacking

You have a lot to consider when planning a move. Hiring a professional mover can significantly cut down on the amount of time and hassle involved. Before packing your belongings, it’s important to know what your movers cannot move. With careful planning and consideration you can avoid having to repack.
The following are items that your movers WILL NOT move. Read carefully so that you can avoid the pain of repacking for your move.

  • Plants. It is against the law to move plants more than 150 miles without a permit. This law prevents the introduction of pests into new areas.
  • Hazardous Materials. Many common household items are hazardous materials. These items include fire extinguishers, paint thinner, nail polish remover, aerosol cans and batteries. Typically, if an item cannot be disposed of in your regular garbage, it cannot be moved by your mover. These items will need to be used up and disposed of properly before you move.
  • Perishable Food. Movers will not move anything that could potentially spoil during the move. These items include perishable food, frozen food and open containers. Food in glass containers should not be moved either as they can crack, leak or mold before they arrive.
  • Explosives. Anything that could explode during transport cannot be moved. Explosive items include ammunition, primers, propellants, fireworks and souvenir explosives.
  • Pets. Your pets will be safer and much more comfortable traveling with you.
  • Flammable Items. Anything flammable such as charcoal, lighter fluid, paint remover and kerosene cannot be moved.
  • Corrosive Items. Movers will not move anything corrosive including muriatic acid and nitric acid.
  • Valuables. Anything of value should be kept with you at all times during your move. Valuable items might include family photographs, important documents, cash and jewelry.
  • Power Equipment with Fuel. Any equipment that has fuel in its tank will not be moved. Common equipment includes lawnmowers and motorcycles. Before moving, you will need to drain the fuel from these items.

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