3 Ways to Make Life Easier for Your Movers

Each year, about 43 million people in the United States move from one home to another, and this year, you’re one of them. There are so many pros and cons of moving, and some may say that a major con of moving is the moving process itself.

To alleviate a little stress and frustration, many people will research and hire local movers. This professional moving assistance will take all of the heavy lifting off of your shoulders, and once you’ve worked with professionals, you may never move without help again.

Of course, unless you want to pay extra for help packing and unpacking, you still need to do some work to make this process go smoothly. Without doing this important prep work, your move will last longer, and thus cost more at the end of the day. To ensure a headache free moving day, here are a few things you can do to help make things easier for both you and your movers.

Figure Out Moving Day Logistics

It’s very important to understand what is going to happen and what will be needed from you on the day of the move. If you’re moving into an apartment building, check to see if there will be a freight elevator available (or, at least, a regular residential elevator). If not, let the movers know ahead of time that your new location will only have stair access. It’s also important to figure out the parking situation in advance. If you’re moving onto a busy street, it’s going to be hard for the truck to find a place to park. They’ll need to know this ahead of time so they know what they can expect when they arrive

Get All of Your Packing Done Early

It’s a guarantee that your movers will not be happy with you if you don’t have any of your packing done the day of the move. While many moving companies offer moving assistance that includes packing services, this is something that should be decided long before the movers arrive. Make sure that you pack your boxes, bags, and bins at least a few days beforehand. This will make the process go much faster, as they won’t have to wait for you to put everything away.

Label Valuable Items

If you have something that’s fragile, make sure you it’s clearly labeled as such. Tell your movers which boxes have glass in them so they know to be extra careful. In addition, ask your movers if there are any items they can’t take inside their truck. You may have an expensive vintage wine collection, for instance, only to find out your moving company doesn’t transport liquids. If you have any doubts, you can take those specific boxes and handle them yourself.

Following these steps will help ensure that you have a very smooth and successful moving day. You’ll make the day easier on yourself and on your movers as well.

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