Buying A House With A Hot Tub?

hot tub serviceDon’t miss moving to the home of your dreams because you are worried about Hot Tub Maintenance. Hot tubs and spas are some of the most common luxuries in the United States, and as of Spring 2014 nearly 21 million households included a hot tub. However, there are a lot of fallacies that get passed around about hot tub service and maintenance, and a lot of so-called tips that can actually damage these popular amenities.

To help you perform routine hot tub service and maintenance without doing any damage in the process, here are some of the common misconceptions on the internet.

Myth #1: Hot tubs are a lot of work.

Truthfully, hot tub service takes far less time than a pool. If it’s constantly covered, which it should be to keep energy bills low, you won’t have to skim the water. Even better, it should take just five minutes a week to sanitize it. If you want to cut out the guesswork altogether, you can schedule routine hot tub service in the same way you would for a pool.

Myth #2: Hot tubs are not sanitary.

Often, hot tubs are thought to be more unsanitary than pools, but this is a falsehood. A hot tub’s filtration system is as big as a pools’, and it cycles through much less water to sanitize it. For that reason, they’re actually very clean — if properly maintained.

Myth #3: The chlorine hurts your eyes.

This is also not true. While it is true that high levels of chlorine can lead to irritation for individuals with sensitivity, normal levels of chlorine won’t actually cause eyes to burn while soaking. If your eyes are burning, this is likely due to a chemical imbalance, such as a low pH. You should adjust the water once a week to prevent this, and it should be a part of your weekly hot tub service.

Myth #4: Bleach is good to clean the cover and sanitize the water.

Not only is this myth straight false, but it’s also a great way to damage your hot tub! You should keep household bleach far, far, away from the inside of the hot tub, or the cover. Bleach can damage the acrylic of the hot tub, and the waxy finish on the cover protects it from the elements. Only use approved sanitizer and cleaners for both of these items.

Myth #5: You can wash your hot tub filter in the dishwasher.

Again, no. This can really damage your filter and make it wear out rapidly. The heat from the washer, combined with high water pressure, will make the filter deteriorate and can warp the cartridge. Clean by soaking in a cleaning solution, and then spraying with a hose.

Whether you are moving to Arlington VA or Arlington TX, having a hot tub is a definite benefit. These are just some of the common myths about hot tub service and maintenance that exist on the internet. There are a ton more, and each should be questioned unless you hear otherwise from a professional pool and hot tub servicing company.

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