Reasons Why Celebrating Thanksgiving at the Beach is More Fun!

If you can’t move to the beach, vacation at the beach! Thanksgiving at the Beach can be loads of fun! Beach Thanksgiving getaways are about spending time with family and friends, so why not have the best of both worlds? With this in mind, here are reasons why celebrating thanksgiving at the beach is more fun than at home or anywhere else!

1.   The Beautiful Oceanfront Views

You know what they say – Don’t sweat the small stuff! And this couldn’t be more true for your Thanksgiving day. You will not be sweating the day away when you are standing on a white sand beach gazing out into an awe-inspiring blue horizon. We bet that even if you had to drive in some traffic to get here, it would be worth it once you take that first breath of ocean air! What better way to celebrate than with stunning views and no stress?

Check out for the best accommodation like the Outer Banks Rentals, where you can stay close to the beach and enjoy happy hour on the oceanfront deck after a long day. Imagine watching dolphins from your bedroom window as you get ready for dinner! No one does the holidays quite like beach lovers. So, resolve to celebrate your upcoming thanksgiving at a beautiful beach and partake in the tradition of feasting with family and friends while enjoying unbeatable ocean views!

2.   You Can Go Exploring and Enjoy Nature

If you feel less than thrilled about being stuck inside this thanksgiving, think about spending your time outside instead. The beach can be a great place to enjoy family, friends, food, and fun activities like exploring different shoreline areas and collecting seashells! You may have varying things to do, but your goals are still the same: To spend time with loved ones and relax.

When you observe and feel those strong ocean waves crashing against the sand, you can appreciate just how special it is to relax in such an environment. Getting out into nature will help decrease stress levels and rejuvenate weary minds and bodies! It’s also fun for kids because they run around and explore beach games while getting a nice tan on their faces.

3.   Beach Weather is Welcoming

The warmth of the sand beneath your feet, gentle waves in your ears, and a delightful sun warming your back make for the perfect beach environment to celebrate with friends and family. The warm weather will give you a warm welcome. At the same time, a windy day can allow you to learn how to kiteboard or have an epic surfing session! That way, your thanksgiving celebration will create memories that will last a lifetime!

It’s easy to have a happy, easy-going time with friends and family if you have time to plan. You can bring a great ambiance of joy and warmth by decorating with seashells, driftwood, flower garlands, and candles. There are so many things you can do at the beach! See below for a list of 10 reasons why celebrating thanksgiving at the beach is more fun than at home.

4.   A Marine Themed Environment

When you celebrate thanksgiving at the beach, you may have a rare chance to do it while barefooted on the sand. You can also walk on a sandy shoreline as you go to watch dolphins swim in the ocean. You can take a jog or ride a bike along the water’s edge and feel free to spend some time just sitting on a bench and taking in all that nature has to offer. That forms a fulfilling and rare experience for both young and old alike.

No matter what age you are, there is always something special about celebrating thanksgiving at the beach! The marine-themed environment provides many unique opportunities for family bonding moments. One example is when the children get the chance to build sandcastles with their parents. A treasure hunt on the beach would be fun, too, because kids could search for sea shells and enjoy picking up other tiny treasures. A day you spend making memories at the beach in the Outer Banks, NC will create memories that last a lifetime!


The sand between your toes and crashing waves may seem distracting, but you’ll soon find that you don’t want to be elsewhere for your thanksgiving event. You’re always warm enough, and when it’s time for fireworks, your family can watch them from the comfort of a beach chair or on a short walk down to the water. All your friends are within arm’s reach as you play in the surf or enjoy some board games around a fire pit, thankful for their presence in your life. You can find a place to stay with beautiful views and picturesque beaches outside your door! You won’t be too far from great activities either: spend your day enjoying attractions like marine life.

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