Moving? Increase Your Home’s Value In Northern VA Home with Landscaping

An excellent landscape design/installation that combines a nice selection of nursery grade plants and expertly installed hardscapes can add 5.5 % to 12.7 % to a home’s value, according to research done by Virginia Tech.

Are you unsuccessfully trying to sell your home or thinking of selling your home soon? Spring and Summer can be a tough as there are more homes for sale now than any other time during the year. You need something that will make your home stand-out and justify the price you are asking for.  This differentiator can be well maintained, professional landscape.

A well thought-out design that complements your home, and has been well maintained over the years are two items that will draw in potential home buyers. People can tell the difference between a professionally built retaining wall, professional landscape that had a professional design and installation, versus a few small flowers and shrubs planted just to “spruce things up”.

Having a professional landscape your exterior is one of the few home improvements that will continue to add value to your property as the plants age and mature. Large shade trees that have been properly placed will cool a house in the summer and help to warm the house in the winter.

Not only will professional landscaping increase the value of your home, a well maintained turf area of around 5000 sqft can produce enough oxygen for a family of 4 for a year!  Plus, it can help to reduce erosion and water runoff.

Finally, don’t forget that a newly installed professional landscape will give a homeowner “immediate gratification” and years of personal enjoyment with their family.  Whether you are cooking out or playing catch with your kids, some of the best memories are made in your yard.

Renovating or adding an addition can be an overwhelming process. In particular, the numerous factors that go into the initial planning and design portion can make the overall project seem burdensome and confusing. However, Oak Hill Building has a way of simplifying this process to make adding an addition or renovating your home an enjoyable experience! Oak Hill Building can work with and adapt to an individual client’s needs. It is common for our customers to already have plans or designs. Whether drawn by a professional architect or hand sketched by a neighbor, we are willing to work with whatever design or concept you bring to the table.

So start your landscape design build project ASAP so you can enjoy it now and receive and excellent return on your investment.

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