How to Spring Clean for Your Move

Moving takes a lot of effort. Cleaning might not be top on your list of things to do. However, cleaning your home before you move is important for a number of reasons. If you are renting the home that you are leaving then cleaning might be necessary if you wish to receive your security deposit back. If you own your home, you will want to make it as desirable as possible for potential buyers.

Decluttering before you move reduces the amount of things you will have to move, and a thorough spring cleaning helps keep your new home spotless when you move in.

No matter how tired or impatient you are to move out of your current home, you should still take the time and effort to properly clean before you move. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make this process go smoothly.

Keep Cleaning Supplies at Hand

There are certain cleaning supplies that you will need when preparing to move. These include disinfecting cleaners, glass cleaners, cleaning cloths, dusting cloths, soft bristled scrubbers, different types of brushes, furniture polish, fabric protectors, a mop, vacuum cleaner, dustpan and broom, bucket, step stool and rubber gloves. Make sure that these items do not get packed or loaded into the moving van.

Clean Your Items Before you Move

Over time, household items accumulate dust, dirt, grime, stains, bacteria and germs. In order to keep these things out of your new home you will need to properly clean all furniture and appliances before packing them.

Wait to Clean Until After Your Possessions Are Loaded Into the Moving Van

Attempting to clean while your possessions are scattered throughout your home can be difficult. Once your things are loaded into the moving van you will be able to quickly and efficiently clean your home. To properly clean, work from top to bottom and back to front. This will help you avoid soiling surfaces that you’ve already cleaned.

Cleaning Requirements

In order to properly clean your home before moving you will need to create a cleaning checklist. The following things should be included.

  • Touch up walls
  • Wash windows
  • Clean floors
  • Remove dust and cobwebs
  • Take care of lighting fixtures
  • Clean ash and debris from the fireplace
  • Empty wastebaskets and remove all trash from the home

Thoroughly clean the:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Outside areas

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