Best Tips for a Successful Winter Move

Moving in the winter wasn’t really the plan, but hey, sometimes plans change. The house you coveted in Loudoun County finally went on the market; it’s just so perfect. Or, the nice young couple from Fairfax had their realtor call your realtor, and the family home sold much faster than expected; you’re excited to downsize. So you better start packing.

It’s winter time, and time to move.
Moving in the winter has advantages and disadvantages: potential savings, snow. Home prices are lower, but the odds of freezing temperatures and bad weather are greater than zero (and less than 32F). Whether your next winter move is a matter of choice or circumstance, Craig Van Lines has compiled the following list of tips to help make it go a little easier.

Watch the weather.

Some meteorologists release weather forecasts as far as two weeks in advance; keep a close eye on these reports in the days leading up to your move and be sure to alert your residential moving company whenever there is a chance of a snowstorm. It’s better to delay the move than to risk driving in dangerous conditions.

Protect the floors.
Carpet and hardwood stained and pocked with general winter yuck — snow and ice and mud — just isn’t the best look when new homeowners move in. Invest in a few sturdy tarps, dropcloth, or plastic sheeting from your local hardware store, and place mats at every entrance to protect the floors.

Turn the heat off.
It seems counterintuitive; it’s cold outside. But people are going to be traipsing in and outside all day. Turning the heat off will increase your energy efficiency and lower the electricity bill too.

Board your pets.
In and out, in and out. Everyone will be in and out, hauling furniture. Pets that sneak underfoot could pose a safety risk while moving heavy items. It’s also a risk, as cats and dogs could sneak out an open door unnoticed amid the chaos.

Keep blankets and towels available.
The day started out cold but beautiful and sunny blue, so wouldn’t you know it’s just such luck: Just about ready to begin loading the truck, and icy rain begins to fall. Use a heavy blanket or towels to protect antiques, valuables, and electronics from the elements.

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