3 Things To Do Before Your Big Move

The warm weather is finally here and it might be time for you to start packing your things and moving into a new home. Nearly half of all moves take place during the summer sometime between May and Labor Day. You can’t just find a new apartment or house and wait until moving day to accomplish everything, though. There are plenty of things you should do from the moment you decide to relocate to the day of the move.

Here are some things that you must start doing, sooner than later, in order to ensure that your big move goes well when it’s finally time:


    • Get rid of as much as you can — Moving into a new home should involve some aspects of starting over. If you transport every single item from your old place to your new place, it won’t feel like a new home at all. Sure, you’ll have to keep all your essential items, but try your best to get rid of everything else. You can always buy new household items. Have a garage sale, donate certain items, and throw out other stuff to free up some space. Doing this will lessen the freight load, too, resulting in a less expensive move.


    • Start meeting the neighbors — It’s a good idea to head to your new neighborhood a few days or weeks prior to actually moving in so you can get a better feel for the area. Introduce yourself to the neighbors and let them know that you’ll be moving in shortly. They might even offer to help or at least move their vehicles around so it’s easier for you to transport all your large items.


    • Talk to moving professionals — Whether you’re moving next week or in a few months, you should still get in contact with moving professionals so you can truly ensure a seamless move. Without proper moving help, you’ll find yourself in complete disarray when the time comes.

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