Office Moving FAQ

What is the best way to ensure business continuity during an office move?

This is all about efficiency.  By using the right equipment and the right people, your office move will happen much more quickly than if you go with a discount mover or a couple guys and a truck.  There are all kinds of ways that office moving specialists move your office and keep your organization moving in the right direction.  From timing to equipment to experience.

How can I get an office moving quote?

It starts with completing the form on our Get a Quote page, or on the home page of this site.  From there, on of our experts will come to your office to make a thorough evaluation and get you the information you need.

What kind of training does the moving team have?

All of our office moving crews are fully trained, certified and background checked.  Most of our movers have been with us for years and are well equipped to help you.

Will you be renting trucks or using your own?

If you encounter a moving company who does not own their own fleet of trucks, that is your first clue to run!  We own and operate an entire fleet of specialized moving trucks, perfect for moving your office.

How do you handle scheduling?

We work with you to plan your office move carefully.  That means selecting the right dates and having the right personnel and the right trucks available for the move.  We even make sure backup team members and trucks are available in the unlikely even of a mechanical issue.

What about my computers, servers and delicate hardware?

Office moves are different from residential moves because of the volume of electronics and delicate computer equipment.  This is when having the right equipment and packing comes into play.

How can we handle all the items that are to be trashed or disposed of?

During the initial consultation we will discuss items that need to be disposed of.  We’ll take care of all the packing, transport and disposal of items that won’t be making it to your new location.

What about books and books and books?

Packing and moving books, libraries and file systems is something that we can handle with no problem.  With the specialized trucks and procedures we use, these types of moves are no problem.

How about modular furniture?

No problem.  It will need to be disassembled, packed, moved, reassembled at your new location.  New configurations can be coordinated and are almost always part of a new office space.